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About us

We are universal educational agency and your individual assistant in questions of planning your career, summer internship, immigration and education abroad. We offer assistance and promotion in entering any Ukraine, Polish, Canadian, American or German university. We collaborate with prestigious foreign universities which will be glad to see you as their students. Read more in the parts. Beside that we will help you in studying English or Polish at language courses, both abroad and in Ukraine. Studying a foreign language you will be able to practice it at the same time while working in the field of customers services and earning pocket money. Our partners are famous language schools in Ukraine, Canada, Australia, USA, England and Poland. Read more in the part Lovers of adventure, we are also not left unattended, for them, we are able to offer youth exchange programs in countries such as Germany, USA, Poland. These programs will give you the opportunity to dive into different culture, understand the mentality of other nations, to learn their language (and sometimes not only them) and earn.

Why is it worth to choose our company?

Low prices

The cost of our services is lower than the average one in other companies.

The wide choice of programs

We offer assistance in admission to universities, language schools in Poland, Canada, USA, Australia and Germany. And also assistance in obtaining all necessary documents to participate in the youth exchange program.


We are the official representatives of universities and language schools.

Work without days off and breaks

We provide our customers with the necessary information in the office, on phone, by e-mail and on skype 7 days a week.


We help our customers abroad with informational assistance and consultations for free.

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