SHEI Banking University

SHEI Banking University

SHEI “Banking University” is the core institution of higher education in Ukraine of the fourth accreditation level, which trains specialists for the National Bank of Ukraine and the financial and credit sector and upgrades professional skills. Studying at the university is carried out in the Ukrainian, Russian or English languages. The university consists of four institutions – in Kiev, Lviv, Kharkiv and Cherkasy. It has MES of Ukraine License of AE 3607.

About University

Having more than a seventy-year experience in teaching financiers, bankers and accountants in regional institutions. SHEI “Banking University” has become a response to the challenges. Rapid development of banking in Ukraine, coming of powerful foreign investors and a competition in the banking market together with the need of adaptation to the Bologna process called for bringing the national training system to international standards.

Creation of the University allowed to concentrate a unified management of instruction, retraining and in-plant training of specialists in a close collaboration with the National bank of Ukraine. Educational establishments that present East, West and Center of the country were incorporated for creation of a powerful Ukrainian high school of banking.

Practicing bankers have the opportunity to upgrade their professional skills at the faculties of in-plant training and retraining. A new philosophy concept of education is popularized by the University. Its essence is to teach to study. A teacher shows, how to master the material effectively, demonstrates the novelties that are inaccessible to the students at he moment, tells about the ways of professional mastering of the theme.

Leading specialists from abroad are attracted with the aim of studing foreign experience. In turn, students of the University undergo on-the-job training not only in Ukrainian banks, but in financial institutions of Germany, Poland, Russia, Japan and other countries.

Professional development

The Institute provides organization and coordination of work to improve the professional level of banking specialists in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine.

Activities: • training bank specialists on the specialty “Banking” at the specialist’s educational and qualification level (Second Higher Education); • training civil servants of the territorial administration of the NBU according to the professional training programmes; • organizing workshops to enhance advanced training for collection services of territorial administrations of the National Bank of Ukraine concerning ” Valuables’ transportation and collection”; • organizing Professional Development Courses for the regional Bank employees – collectors and drivers of operational vehicles – those who work with cash foreign currency and travelers’ checks; • organizing and conducting short-term workshops on topical issues of banking activities with the participation of domestic and foreign leading experts.


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