Study, work and travel in USA

Work & Travel

How to apply for work and travel program Work and Travel USA – is an exchange program, authorized by the Department of Education and Culture of the US government. Its main goal – to promote international cultural exchange. Foreign students are given the opportunity to learn about the country and closely get acquainted with everyday life of ordinary Americans.

Basic rules for the application of:

  • Work in the United States only within the time frame specified in the form DS-2019;
  • Do not change your own place of work;
  • Leave the US territory until 9 September;
  • Regular contact with representatives of the sponsoring organization;
  • Follow the rules of the American company in which he is to operate;
  • Comply with federal and local laws of the United States;
  • Upon arrival in the United States to register with SEVIS system and get a Social Security Number.

Education in USA Someone wants to get a quality American education, someone working in the country of endless possibilities, someone wants to visit New York, to see the statue of liberty, stroll along the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, and some live in the American dream.

America is a country of opportunities, especially for students who wish to receive a quality education and decent prospects. Any student who would like to receive American education will be able to find options, regardless of financial capabilities, specialties, regional preferences, and other factors.

Free education in the USA

Today?! Free?! In USA?! It`s possible!!! There are many options and programs for which you can study for free, get a scholarship, grant or discount on tuition fees. Below, we consider the possibility that can use every student!

Financial aid

Almost every college, university in the US offers financial aid to foreign students. Financial іsupport is a full or partial exemption from payment of tuition fees. Financial support does not cover student accommodation or food – only to study! As a rule, financial support may receive students from disadvantaged groups, smart students who do not have funds to pay for his studies, and others. Not everybody can get financial support! Requirements and procedures for granting bailouts each college determines on an individual basis! It can be from 20% to 100% exemption from payment of school. Scholarships from the US government and other countries, organizations, universities, research scholarships, athletic scholarships, and others. Scholarships are awarded only to the best students, not all universities offer scholarships to foreign students, but also those who provide, quite a lot. Scholarships can only get students meet these requirements. The main requirement to all participants – a knowledge of the English language at a high level (100 and above – TOEFL; 6,5-7 and higher IELTS) and proof of your successes and achievements. For example, the students applying for sports scholarships must submit certificates, diplomas, medals, video, confirming participation in international and national competitions and really good results in some form of sport.