National University of Pharmacy

National University of Pharmacy

National University of Pharmacy is a domestic center of pharmaceutical education and science development, which occupies a leading place in realization of public policy in training a new generation of highly skilled specialists and implementation of competitive scientific developments for science intensive pharmaceutical industry

About University

National University of Pharmacy is a domestic center of pharmaceutical education and science development, which occupies a leading place in realization of public policy in training a new generation of highly skilled specialists and implementation of competitive scientific developments for science intensive pharmaceutical industry. The University creates conditions for deep scientific training of highly qualified specialists on the principles of education and science cooperation.

National University of Pharmacy, founded in 1805 as a pharmaceutical department of Kharkiv Emperor University , is the main pharmaceutical higher education institution in Ukraine with rich scientific traditions and history.

National University of Pharmacy is University of the European level which trains highly qualified specialists. The University has trained over 50 thousand specialists, including over 6 thousand Masters of Pharmacy, for 94 countries of the world. Training of specialists for the far-abroad countries is a significant impact factor of the international image of our country. University has educational and scientific relations with 40 higher education institutions from 20 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, America, Asia, Middle East, and Africa, and extends international cooperation of the University scientists to carry out and extend joint scientific researches and programs.

To implement public policy of providing personnel for pharmaceutical branch, University suggested a system of training of specialists by opening a network of 19 pharmaceutical faculties in the system of higher education of Ukraine. University trains scientific and pedagogical personnel for the pharmaceutical faculties of higher education institutions, practical pharmacy and foreign countries.

National University of Pharmacy has its own Publishing Center. Educational process is well provided with educational and methodological literature in official and foreign languages, which are used, by all pharmaceutical faculties of Ukraine and some CIS countries. For the first time in the system of pharmaceutical education of Ukraine, over 2 thousand editions of educational and methodological complexes of educational literature in all disciplines were created. Scientists of the University published over 490 textbooks and study guides, 89 monographs, including 330 with classification of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. 5 scientific and practical journals are professional editions of Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) of Ukraine are published at the University.

University has a developed material and technical base, with 6 academic buildings with modern base of lecture halls and laboratories with 15 lecture halls, 38 computer classrooms; botanical garden which is a base for practical training of students in as «Pharmacognosy» and «Medical Botany».

In order to increase authority and recognize pharmaceutical branch at state level, professional holiday – Day of Pharmacist – was established and new state award – Honoured pharmacist of Ukraine – was introduced in Ukraine at the initiative and with direct participation of the NUPh; unique historical and architectural complex “Pharmacy in centuries” – first in the world monument to the pharmacist was added to the Kharkiv treasury. NUPh became the organizer of holding on its base of V, VI, VII and VIII National Congresses of Pharmacists of Ukraine, creation of the Pharmaceutical Association of Ukraine, Scientific Pharmaceutical Park, and biopharmaceutical cluster of Ukraine.

About city

Kharkiv is a city situated in the north-eastern part of Ukraine. It is the second largest city after Kiev and the first capital of the country. According to some historical documents, the city was founded in 1654, but the origin of it’s name is still a mystery. Kharkiv is the second largest in Ukraine on scientific and educational potential. The city has 13 national universities and numerous professional, technical and private higher education institutions, offering its students a wide range of disciplines.

The city has a high concentration of research institutions, which are independent or loosely connected with the universities. Kharkiv is a large industrial center of Ukraine. The basis of the productive capacity of the enterprise is high-tech industries: power engineering, electrical engineering, transport and agriculture engineering, instrumentation, electronics, aerospace. Production of many of Kharkiv enterprises is known on the world market, including high technology, such as modern tanks, aircraft and turbines.

Kharkiv is the city opened to the world. Kharkiv enjoys a lot of possibilities being a twin city of Bologna, Poznan, Nuremberg and a number of other towns from all over the world.

It is also the first time in Kharkov in Europe the atom was split, the nature of superconductivity was studied, the largest radio telescope was created, a framework of the theory of oscillations in the plasma, the scattering of slow neutrons in crystals were developed.

Kharkiv has good infrastructure. It has an extremely functional/practical underground transit system and a relatively well-connected bus network. The inhabitants are friendly and passionate. In addition, the hospitality towards foreigners is very warm – probably owing to it’s long-standing status as an educational town.

There are many famous institutes of higher education in Kharkiv; Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics has a significant place in the system of Ukrainian higher education.

The city has its own charm – narrow streets with old buildings of different architectural styles and small yards in the city down town, huge and impressive main square, majestic cathedrals and small churches, subway many stations of which can be considered as a separate work of art. Kharkiv has 6 outstanding professional theatres, circus, several museums and many libraries. Kharkiv is a very green city, there are more than 100 parks on it’s territory. Kharkiv is the major student centre of Ukraine. It is a city of 100,000 students and about 30 higher educational institutions. Among them are Kharkiv State University, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, Kharkiv National Aviation University, Medical University, University of Culture, National Law Academy and many others. Kharkiv is considered the safest among large cities in Ukraine. Many foreigners come to Kharkiv for business and pleasure.


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