Study, work and travel in Poland

Work & Travel

What is the application process for Work and Travel POLAND:

  • Signing of the agreement with our company;
  • Payment of the program;
  • Student give us a pack of documents;
  • Preparation of documents for the visa;
  • Writing to the visa center;
  • Visa;
  • Selection of vacancies;
  • Hooray! You can start your program Work and Travel POLAND.

Requirements for a candidate:

  • 18-28;
  • Knowledge of the Polish language (even at beginner level) will be a priority.


  • International passport;
  • INN;
  • Student certificate.

How to become a student in Poland?

Step 1. Learn general requirements

Become a Polish student can everybody who wants it and who has:

  • certificate of secondary education;
  • diploma of bachelor;
  • diploma of specialist;
  • diploma of master;

Advantages of entering Polish universities:

  • there is no age limits;
  • there is no entering exams;
  • there is no need in results of tests;
  • presenting documents is made distantly – in Ukraine, in the office of our company;
  • there is no need in visiting Poland;
  • there is no need in knowledge of Polish;
  • as a rule, universities don’t require any certificates of knowledge of Polish or English languages.

Step 2. Register your self in our center

To enter a Polish university you need to register in our company. Contact us in any suitable way for you: Kyivstar, Life, Skype, e-mail, viber, whatsapp.

Our managers will help you to find an institute of higher education and specialty for you, according to you requirements. They will give you consultation in questions of getting visa, educational course and residence in Poland. Also they will answer all your questions about the order of payments for education, entering process and moving to Poland.

Step 3. Collect all necessary documents for entering

  1. Certificate of complete secondary education and enclosure to it (original).
  2. Diploma of bachelor or specialist with enclosure to it (for entering MA course).
  3. Copies of all pages ofinterational passport.
  4. Copies of all pages of foreign passport / child’s ticket (it there is).
  5. Color photos – 8 pieces, size – 3,5*4,5 cm (left semiprofile, left ear can be seen, not hidden with hair).
  6. Medical reference for those who is entering universities (form 086-O).
  7. Copies of parents’ international passports (for those, who are under age).
  8. Copy of birth certificate (for those, who are under age).

It is a basic list of documents. It can differ depending on requirements of a concrete institute of higher education.

Step 4. Present your documents for entering, pay for education

Entering campaign endures the whole year. Academic year starts 1st October and 1st March. Approximate procedure of presenting documents and entering looks in such a way:

  • University entrant collects all required documents, described above.
  • He signs contract with our Centre.
  • He pays the first part of sum for our services.
  • Further our company starts process connected with university entrant’s entering into the institute of higher education chosen by him.
  • After the admission board has examined the university entrant’s documents, the institute of higher education sends us a letter about your prior enrolment. It means that the documents are in order and after paying the education, the university entrant will be enrolled into this institute of higher education.
  • Future student pays for education (for a term or for a year).
  • The institute of higher education sends us an official letter about student’s enrollment.
  • The university entrant pays the second part of sum for our services.

Step 5. Get student VISA

Our company provides the clients with complete visa support. We help our clients to prepare the complete pack of documents for getting visa. The university entrants just needs to come with the documents on the appointed time to the embassy consulate or visa centre. Students are given Polish national school visa for the period of 6 or 12 months. According to this visa the student can travel freely around the territory of all states of the European Union.

Step 6. Welcome to Poland

Our managers will help you to plan and organize your move to the city of your studies: we will select the best route and terms of coming to the Poland, we will help you to book air-, bus or train tickets, we will give instructions about the rules of passing custom control and behaving at the territory of a foreign country. A representative of ours will meet you in Poland, he will:

  • help you in searching habitation (if the university doesn’t provide with a hall of residence);
  • give you an orientation seminar about life and education in Poland;
  • give an introductory excursion over Warsaw;
  • show you the way to the university;
  • take you to the dean’s office and introduce you to the administration of the department;
  • help you to draw up a transport season ticket;
  • help you with buying a sim card of a Polish mobile operator;
  • advice you where the foodstuff is cheaper;
  • help you with drawing up of karta pobytu;
  • provide the student with consulting help during the whole period of residence in Poland.