Ivan Kozhedub Kharkiv University of Air Force

Ivan Kozhedub Kharkiv University of Air Force

Kharkiv National University of Air Force provides education to prepare military pilots, navigators, experts in command and control aircraft, anti-aircraft missile troops, radar troops, engineers – aviation security, automated control systems and ground support aviation flights.

About University

Ivan Kozhedub Kharkiv University of Air Force is a multidisciplinary higher educational institution with a highly qualified faculty, up-to-date educational and material facility, developed infrastructure. The University was founded in 1930.

Kharkiv University of Air Force has the IV level of accreditation and trains students in 7 majors and specialties. The University also trains international students in all the accredited specialties at the level of all the qualified requirements of bachelor, specialist and master on the basis of the international contracts of Ukraine, state programs, contracts drawn by the University with legal entities and individuals. The University is licensed to train international students for their further enrollment in higher educational institutions. The term of training at the preparation department is one year. Since its foundation the University has trained specialists for 27 countries of the world.

Our history it`s a capital formed by generations of experience, the source of wisdom, courage and traditions for its students during training.

Training it`s an educational process at the university aimed at building a reliable defender of Fatherland, patriot, professional military.

Every year hundreds of young people are being tested on its way to the dream to become an officer. Most of them join the ranks of students and make the military oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people. This gala event is always held in the memorable place – at the Memorial of Glory.

Cadets sincerely honor the memory of heroes. At the University of the monument of the famous alumni Marshal I. Kozhedub. All celebrations traditionally end with laying flowers at his monument. Good tradition is the annual awarding of the best graduates – a pilot copy of “Sword of Friendship”, donated by the University Representative Royal Air Force of Great Britain, Prince Michael of Kent, a sign of friendship, cooperation and mutual respect.

Kharkiv National University named after Ivan Air Force Kozhedub provides education to prepare military pilots, navigators, experts in command and control aircraft, anti-aircraft missile troops, radar troops, engineers – aviation security, automated control systems and ground support aviation flights, Computer Science and information technology, metrology, energy and others. Cadets enrolled in education – qualification of junior specialist, bachelor, specialist and master lines 7, 12 specialties and 24 specializations.

Students enrolled in educational – qualification levels of Bachelor, Specialist and Master in 9 directions, 10 specialties and 20 specializations.

The University has a license and training foreign military personnel and students. The educational process at the university is constructed on the basis of the objectives identified by the National doctrine of education in Ukraine and aims to prepare qualified specialists appropriate level and profile, competent, responsible, Fluent their profession and oriented in the related fields of activity capable of effective professional work to the world standards, ready for continuous professional growth.

The quality of training at the university provided a high level of requirements for competitive selection of students, highly qualified human resources, widespread use in education and advanced forms of modern educational technologies, availability of well-equipped with modern equipment and computers material – technical base. To ensure a high level of training university has 9 faculties for training profiles, nearly 40 departments, military NCOs College, Research Center, Center for Language Training Center of simulation, information – computer center and other educational and research units. The priority of training activities is to prepare flight crews.

The university introduced multistage training military pilots, which involves mastering the students during the training lehkomotornyh, training and combat aircraft. The university is constantly being increased information security training. The book fund educational university library of more than one million copies of educational and scientific literature. University Study unit connected to information – computer network in the learning process implemented universally in the world of education management information system type “MOODLE”, an electronic library of the University has almost 30,000 information materials.

About city

Kharkiv is a city situated in the north-eastern part of Ukraine. It is the second largest city after Kiev and the first capital of the country. According to some historical documents, the city was founded in 1654, but the origin of it’s name is still a mystery. Kharkiv is the second largest in Ukraine on scientific and educational potential. The city has 13 national universities and numerous professional, technical and private higher education institutions, offering its students a wide range of disciplines.

The city has a high concentration of research institutions, which are independent or loosely connected with the universities. Kharkiv is a large industrial center of Ukraine. The basis of the productive capacity of the enterprise is high-tech industries: power engineering, electrical engineering, transport and agriculture engineering, instrumentation, electronics, aerospace. Production of many of Kharkiv enterprises is known on the world market, including high technology, such as modern tanks, aircraft and turbines.

Kharkiv is the city opened to the world. Kharkiv enjoys a lot of possibilities being a twin city of Bologna, Poznan, Nuremberg and a number of other towns from all over the world.

It is also the first time in Kharkov in Europe the atom was split, the nature of superconductivity was studied, the largest radio telescope was created, a framework of the theory of oscillations in the plasma, the scattering of slow neutrons in crystals were developed.

Kharkiv has good infrastructure. It has an extremely functional/practical underground transit system and a relatively well-connected bus network. The inhabitants are friendly and passionate. In addition, the hospitality towards foreigners is very warm – probably owing to it’s long-standing status as an educational town.

There are many famous institutes of higher education in Kharkiv; Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics has a significant place in the system of Ukrainian higher education.

The city has its own charm – narrow streets with old buildings of different architectural styles and small yards in the city down town, huge and impressive main square, majestic cathedrals and small churches, subway many stations of which can be considered as a separate work of art. Kharkiv has 6 outstanding professional theatres, circus, several museums and many libraries. Kharkiv is a very green city, there are more than 100 parks on it’s territory. Kharkiv is the major student centre of Ukraine. It is a city of 100,000 students and about 30 higher educational institutions. Among them are Kharkiv State University, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, Kharkiv National Aviation University, Medical University, University of Culture, National Law Academy and many others. Kharkiv is considered the safest among large cities in Ukraine. Many foreigners come to Kharkiv for business and pleasure.


Student life is a constant source of fun moments, knowledge of the world, exploring each of its particles. Education abroad opens up not only a quality education in a selected country for you, but also the opportunity to make friends from every corner of the world. For students of European universities is open the whole of Europe, this old lady with her unique combination of skyscrapers, provincial colored houses, gothic and romantic architecture.


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